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About Us

NDR Organization

Organized like an Army Regiment, the NDR Battalions are numbered consecutively beginning with the class of 1951 as the 1st Battalion, Northwestern Demon Regiment. The class of 2020 is the 70th Battalion, Northwestern Demon Regiment.

This approach offers ROTC alumni and former cadets the opportunity to reconnect with classmates as well as encourage current cadets to enhance the image and reputation of NSU Army ROTC.

Northwestern Demon Regiment

LTG (R) Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr.           Honorary Colonel of the Regiment
LTC Wendell F. Bender                              23rd Colonel of the Regiment

NDR Executive Council

LTC (R) Arthur Smalley                              Chief of Staff
MAJ (R) Ted Fowler                                    Deputy Chief of Staff
Vacant                                                           Regimental Operations Officer
Ms. Julia Martin                                            Regimental Administrative Officer
Vacant                                                           Regimental Personnel Officer
Mrs. Deanna Fowler                                    Regimental Heritage & Historical Officer
MAJ (R) Richard Hooter                             Regimental Marketing Officer
Mr. Jeremy Miller                                         Regimental Communications Officer
Mrs. Margaret Bell                                       Regimental Financial Officer

NDR Founding Members

LTC (R) Truman Maynard                          Chief of Staff
LTC (R) Fred N. Terasa                              Administrative Officer
LTC (R) Charles L. McNeely                      Personnel Officer
Mr. W. Drake Owens                                   Marketing Officer
Mr. Nick Pollacia, Jr.                                    Historian
LTC Leon E. Pennington                            Colonel of the Regiment

  1. Alumni Database & Correspondence– The 1st goal of the NDR is informing all Demon Battalion Alumni about the NDR and building a strong database for correspondence. To accomplish this goal the regiment is seeking assistant adjutants to represent each decade of NDR alumni.  Also, we have built a display listing every graduate of the NSU ROTC program on a wall within Noe Armory.  You can help to complete the display by sending us your information and keeping this information current.
  2. Military Ball– The 2nd goal of the NDR is to assist the Professor of Military Science with the planning, organization, and cost of the annual Military Ball. This event serves as an annual gathering of NSU Alumni and cadets as well as being the capstone event of the year.
  3. Military Science Financial Support– The 3rd goal of the NDR is to raise funds to support the cadets of the NSU ROTC program. We are proud to announce that our “60 for 60” campaign was a great success! We raised $60,000 in private funds from our alumni and friends. With a $40,000 match from the state of Louisiana, we created at $100,000 endowed professorship in Military Science. Interest accrued from the endowment will be used by the Professor of Military Science to support cadets and activities.

We have pledged ongoing financial support to the cadets and look forward to helping them re-equip the Black Knights Drill Team. We also need support for the day-to-day operations of the NDR and to help offset the costs of the annual Military Ball.

Click here to help us continue our support of the cadets.

History of the Northwestern Demon Regiment

 The Northwestern State Demon Regiment (NDR) was officially recognized by President Randall J. Webb in 2007. Comprised of NSU Army ROTC alumni, the NDR is organized similarly to an Army regiment.  The class of 1951 constitutes the 1st Battalion of the Regiment, and the class of 2019 is the 69th Demon Battalion of the Regiment.  Since its inception, the Demon Battalion has commissioned over 1,000 Second Lieutenants into the Army.  Eight have achieved the rank of general officer and four have been inducted into NSU’s Long Purple Line.

The first Professor of Military Science, LTC James W. Bowman, is regarded as the First Colonel of the Regiment.  LTC Wendell F. Bender, the current PMS, holds the honor of serving as the 23rd Colonel of the Regiment.

The Demon Regiment supports the Corps of Cadets under the leadership of the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, LTG (R) Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr., and the Chief of Staff, LTC (R) Arthur J. Smalley.

NDR Mission

The Northwestern Demon Regiment is an organization comprised of the alumni of NSU’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).  The mission of NDR is to enhance the ability of the Department of Military Science to recruit, train, and commission high caliber students as future officers of the US Army by promoting the exciting NDR heritage and affording every commissioned officer the chance to add their own legacy.

NDR Motto

The Demon Regiment, a Rich Heritage —
Built One Cadet Legacy at a Time!