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NDR Hall of Fame

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Name                                               Year Inducted                  Battalion

BG (R) Curtis F. Hoglan                              1983                 5th Demon Battalion

BG (R) James T. Bonsall                            1984                2nd Demon Battalion

BG (R) John S. Crow                                  1985                 9th Demon Battalion

LTG (R) Guy A.J. LaBoa                             1986               12th Demon Battalion

Dr. Robert A. Alost                                       1987                 7th Demon Battalion

MG (R) Claude J. Roberts                          1988               10th Demon Battalion

BG (R) Leonard D. Miller                            1989               14th Demon Battalion

LTG (R) Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr.           1993               18th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Ronald D. Thomas                       1996               22nd Demon Battalion

COL (R) Rodger R. Sexton                        1999               22nd Demon Battalion

BG (R) Richard W. Averitt                           2001               19th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Clarence Culbert, Jr.                    2005               27th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Gary A. Jones                               2007               16th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Ralph E. Stapleton                       2009               19th Demon Battalion

COL Arthur P. Crowder                               2009               30th Demon Battalion

COL Donald E. Jackson                             2009               30th Demon Battalion

COL Noel T. Nicolle                                     2009               34th Demon Battalion

COL Dewey A. Granger                              2009               37th Demon Battalion

Dr. Daniel L. Chase                                     2010                 7th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Frederick C. Bosarge                  2012               11th Demon Battalion

COL (R) William P. Gates                           2013               24th Demon Battalion

COL (R)  Walter R. Weaver                        2015               13th Demon Battalion

COL Johnathon W. Ballard, Sr.                  2016               41st Demon Battalion

LTC (R) Truman Maynard                           2017                 9th Demon Battalion

LTC (R) Charles L. McNeely                      2017               14th Demon Battalion

COL (R) Richard G. Brown                         2018                 7th Demon Battalion

MAJ (R) Leonard “Ted” Fowler                  2018               18th Demon Battalion

LTC (R) Edward T. Milligan                         2018               31st Demon Battalion

COL (R) James F. Bowie                            2018               30th Demon Battalion